Software Requirements [Edit]

Server [Edit]

PageWork is based on PHP. Version 5.1 or later is required to run the server application. PageWork depends on the following PHP extensions:

PageWork perfectly complements various PHP script caching/acceleration techniques. Due to its central library core, multiple hosted sites can benefit from the same cache on a single physical server.

To make use of beautified URLs in general, or SEO in particular, the web server requires a rewrite engine, such as mod_rewrite for Apache.

You may want to download and run this script to verify the capabilities of your server before downloading the main software package.

Client [Edit]

On the client side, the use of a XHTML capable browser is required. All contents delivered by PageWork are based on XHTML and CSS 2. Dynamic pages that handle asynchronous reception of user input require JavaScript 1.5 or higher.

Hardware Requirements [Edit]

PageWork has decent hardware requirements. It is known to run smoothly and flawlessly on a 300 MHz GNU/Linux server with 128 MB RAM. As quite so often, the general rule applies: “the more, the better”.