In short, it's a wiki.

PageWork is a web-based CMS whose principal assignment is to provide its users with a platform on which they may maintain and share information.

Like Wikipedia, one of its most prolific incarnations, PageWork can serve as a dictionary, a management tool for a collection of distinctive articles that are organized in pages, each of which is accessed by its name. The central idea of a dictionary wiki is that each of its pages bears a name that, on the one hand, is short enough to serve as a convenient key to the information it introduces, and that, on the other hand, is just long enough to be unique among a potentially large number of other siblings.

Beyond mere text, PageWork also handles and organizes various other types of media, such as images, movies, and, ultimately, arbitrary kinds of files. It is therefore highly proficient to serve as a generic edutainment center, a website management tool that runs private blogs as well as it serves as an information base for technical documentation. Being frugal, fast, and adaptable at the same time, PageWork can be employed for a great many possible tasks that editors and writers might have to deal with in world of the WWW.